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Shreveport Desired Gardens

Our Shreveport Landscape Designers 
Will Bring Your Outdoor Ideas To Life

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If you are looking for quality landscape design in Shreveport, Louisiana then look no further than Shreveport Desired Gardens. We have options for you to help your garden or backyard be sustainable, beautiful and most importantly a joy to maintain. There is nothing worse than a boring yard. We have the most qualified landscape designers in Shreveport. Let us WOW you!

Let our skilled Landscape Designers help you with advice and information on Sustainable Landscape Design and Lawn Care. Contact our friendly staff if you are looking for garden creations in your area. From Privacy Screening to Irrigation Modification we have the service for you to get your landscape looking new and improved.

About Us
Being the leaders in Landscaping Design our expert Landscaping Architects are dedicated to improving and growing with the everchanging landscaping industry. Only using the most up-to-date tools and equipment, we thrive on being the leaders in technology. From Outdoor Water Features and Outdoor Lighting, we love a challenge. Shreveport Desired Gardens is number one in helping you with Landscape Ideas and Sustainable Landscape Design, with clarity and compassion we understand that landscaping might not be in the forefront of your mind which is why we make it easy and reasonably priced so you can work on the more important things.

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    Our Lawn and Landscape Services

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    Our Shreveport Landscaping Company will make your custom landscape dreams come true. With a range or services to choose from we ensure to have the right option for you, from Hardscaping to Lawn Care we pretty much do it all. Ask us today about our many services and what is right for you, making sure to tailor our services to match each individual client we are dedicated to making sure that we are providing exactly what you need at a competitive price. If you are looking for options in Backyard Privacy like Privacy Screening and Green Screening do not hesitate in contacting is today.

    Landscape Design & Installation

    Softscapes & Hardscapes

    Landscape Ideas

    Landscape Design & Installation

    Whether you have a brand-new house or and existing one we can help you plan you Landscape Design and Install it for you at a reasonable price. From Pools to Firepits we can help you have the backyard of your dreams that you can use all year round. If you need to update your backyard or garden with irrigation modification, Retaining Walls or simple Landscape Solutions in Shreveport Florida we can help you without fuss.


    Hardscaping is generally the term used for installing heavy or large objects in your garden or backyard. Shreveport Desired Gardens is adept and experienced in helping you create everything from Driveways, Retaining Walls, Water Features and Pools. If you would like to know more about what our Shreveport Landscapers can do to make your backyard or garden stand out, let us know. Our friendly staff will be happy to have a consultation with you today.

    Landscape Ideas

    If you are stuck or not sure what the best landscaping ideas for your backyard or garden can be, let one of our expert landscape designers know. We can help you make the best eco-friendly landscape decisions so you can be confident you can relax in style with sustainability. Our Landscape Architects are skilled in designing your backyard or garden to be the most useful all year round as well as being a breeze to maintain.

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    Landscape Lighting

    Water Features

    Outdoor Living

    Landscape Lighting

    There is nothing more ethereal then beautiful Outdoor Lighting, from Solar bulbs lighting your path to romantic lighting around the fire pit we can create any atmosphere. If you are looking for something creative as well as functional, we have a wide range of Outdoor Lighting options for you to choose from. Allowing you to get more use out of your garden, even during the night. Offering unique Landscape Lighting allows us to be apart from the crowd when showcasing our landscape solutions.
    Water Features

    Designing a Customer Water Feature can be daunting and confusing, which is why the expert Landscape Designers at Shreveport Desired Gardens are ahead of the game with modern options and expert techniques in effectively and safely installing any Water Features in your backyard or garden. If you want to relax beside the calm trickling of a fountain during the warmer months in your backyard, let us know. We have eco-friendly and sustainable options for you to choose from.

    Outdoor Living

    You should be able to get use out of your garden or back yard all year round. With the correct landscape solutions, we can make sure you and your family are comfortable and love to be outside. Helping you make the right decisions in sustainable and functional options we are confident you will love to spend more time outdoors with our many landscaping options for Outdoor Living, from Outdoor Heating to Privacy Screens we have you covered all year round.

    green scenery of landscaping
    stone path walks in the garden
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    Contact Us Today

    If you are looking for Landscaping Shreveport, Florida then contact us today, we have all the answer you may need on landscape ideas and design. Shreveport Desired Gardens has the options for you, from Native Landscaping Ideas to Irrigation Modification, we can help with almost anything in your backyard or garden. Just ask us today how our Landscape Architects can help you get your dream garden, with professionalism and expert knowledge we will have you relaxing by your pool in no time. Do not hesitate in contacting out friendly team for fuss free consultation, advice and information on how to have your garden or backyard be enjoyable and manageable all year round.

    “My fountain had been out of action for years, I thought it was going to be really expensive to fix so I let it be, when Shreveport Desired Gardens came in to do some lawn care for me, they fixed it up good as new for almost nothing. I forgot how peaceful that fountain was.” – John McLain

    “When a storm came through and destroyed my garden, I was so devastated and thought some of my precious trees were done for. The lovely Landscape Designer who fixed up my trees and my roses were the best. I feel like they gave some of my trees a second life.” – Lorraine Jeremy

    “When I built my first house, I didn’t realize how messed up the front yard would be by the time the house was built, thanks to your landscape architects I was able to be proud of my front yard for the first time. Thank you, I thought I’d be stuck with a dirt patch for a lot longer.” – Roger Lynen