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About Our Team

man with his shovel for his garden

Shreveport Desired Gardens is leading the Landscaping industry with sustainable landscape design; with expert landscape Designers and Architects who have experience and deep knowledge within the Gardening Industry. We are proud to supply everything from Lawn Care to Outdoor Lighting and Water Features. Helping our clients with a range of services to make their garden become their dream come true is our passion, allowing their garden creations to come to fruition. If you are looking for Native Landscape ideas or a more sustainable garden, we have the answers for you. With access to some of the most beautiful Native Fauna and Flora, we can make your landscape feel like home. We are proud to bring the community of Shreveport, Louisiana everything we have to offer in Custom Water Features, Retaining Walls and Outdoor Fireplaces.

The expert Landscape Architects at Shreveport Desired Gardens are ready to help you make your garden eco-friendlier while also being gorgeous and easy to maintain. If you are looking to make your backyard more inviting as well as a joy to look after, we can help with a range of services just ask us what we can do for your garden. With competitive prices and a passion for landscape solutions Shreveport Desired Gardens is the landscape company for you, we are confident that you will be satisfied with your new landscape or garden. Contact us if you have any questions about Sustainable Landscape Solutions and eco-friendly ideas, our friendly customer service staff are happy to speak to you today.

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