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Do not hesitate to contact Shreveport Desired Gardens today if you need any advice or information on the many Landscape Solutions we offer to the community of Shreveport, Florida. With dedication, we will answer any questions you may have about eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping options. Let us know if you need help with Lawn Care, Native Trees or Landscape Design, our expert Landscape Architects are waiting for the challenge in landscape design. From Retaining Walls to Outdoor Fireplaces, we do it all, effectively and at a reasonable cost to the community of Shreveport, Florida. Contact us today if you would like a friendly chat on how we can help you create your dream garden. If you are looking for Turnkey Landscape Consultation, then look no further than Shreveport Desired Gardens.

From Hardscaping to Softscaping, we have everything covered to help bring your ideas into fruition. We love to help our clients realize their dream, when designing and creating new landscape solutions, let us know if have a new or existing home that needs a new garden or backyard for you to enjoy all year round. Do not let dangerous or unlevel terrain stop you from getting outside and enjoying the sun, the Landscape Architects at Shreveport Desired Gardens can have your backyard or garden functional, safe and easy to maintain so you can relax and take a breath of fresh air. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or design ideas you would like to have a chat about, we are happy to help.

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