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stone path walks in the garden

If you are looking to fill you garden with amazing Hardscaping ideas, we have the correct tools and know-how to get your backyard looking gorgeous. Hardscaping is usually used when you have a large space to fill by incorporating heavy elements such as Water Fountains, Outdoor Fire Pits and Retaining Walls. When you a looking to relax all year round with Outdoor Heating and Privacy Screening we can help with a range of Hardscape designs that will help fill your backyard with some beautiful architecture that is functional and easy to maintain. If you would like to have a look at a range of Statues, Fountains and customizable Water Features contact Shreveport Desired Gardens today.


With each client we endeavor to ensure each service is provided in a tailored and customizable manner, we understand that each clients’ needs, and request are different and require a different approach when completing. Our friendly staff are happy to go over your plans and ideas, while helping you make eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping choices. It should not be hard to create the garden of your dreams, which is why we provide an in-depth consultation and design period so you can have all the answers before making your decision. If you would like to know more about what you may need for a quick consultation, ask our expert Landscape Designers today.

Retaining Walls

Sometimes our land is not perfect and can be dangerous, but this can be managed and made to be more functional. With the use of Retaining Walls we can shape unsafe slopes to be functional and eco-friendly. The experience Landscape Architects at Shreveport Desired Gardens can shape and stabilize your garden or backyard, often improving sink holes and allowing you to get more use out of your backyard. When you need a level surface, our Landscape Designers can help you find the best Retaining Wall options so you can get planting again, without the worry of your soil running away.

Custom Water Features

When thinking of Fountains, Pools and Water Features we often think that it will be expensive, hard to maintain and be bad on the environment. At Shreveport Desired Gardens that is not the case, we can help you find a relaxing and gorgeous Water Feature for your garden or backyard that is eco-friendly, easy to run and does not break the bank. We have designs to choose from as well us Custom Water Features where you choose the size, shape and design. We are proud to provide and extensive range of affordable Custom Water Features to the community of Shreveport, Florida.

Garden Creations

When designing the Landscape for your garden or backyard it can be often become confusing, which is why our professional Landscape Architects will be there every step of the way to help you make the right eco-friendly decisions that will last for decades to come. When creating you dream garden, we can help you find the right bunch of unique Custom Water Features and Ornaments. So that your garden or backyard is your perfect Garden Creation. Ask us today how we can help you envisage how your garden or backyard could transform into an immaculate dreamscape with the magic of Hardscaping.

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