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Landscape Design & Installation

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Whether you are looking for a masterpiece or just somewhere to relax, we can find the right design and pieces for your garden or backyard. Here at Shreveport Desired Gardens we guide you every step of the way during the design process and let you relax during the installation process. If you want to show us your ideas, fantastic. If you really do not know what would be good for your lifestyle, that is good too, we are happy to help you achieve your dream. We provide accessible beautiful designs that are functional and easy to maintain all year round.

Landscape Design Process

During the Landscape Design Process we show you a range of styles, themes and ideas that can go into your new dream garden or backyard. With expert knowledge we can help you bring your ideas and dreams into reality, with everything from modern Privacy Screen and presentable Retaining Walls. Our skilled Landscape Designers can help make your backyard or garden more functional throughout every season. If you have ever wondered how you can incorporate native trees and plants, we can show you with sustainable landscaping designs and native landscaping ideas. We tailor the Landscaping Design Process per clients’ needs and requests to ensure a smooth process with effective results.

Landscape Installation Process

When Installing and features in your backyard or garden we take the time and effort to get it right the first time. There is nothing worse than unfinished and unsustainable landscaping, which is why we dedicate ourselves to being the most reputable landscaping company in Shreveport, Louisiana. During the Landscape Installation Process, we ask that you allow us complete access to your garden or backyard during the scheduled times of work. You do not have to be there while we complete all landscaping projects, although you are welcome to. After we have finished any Landscaping Installation, we will ensure the cleanliness of your property and advise you on any key maintenance tips.

Health & Safety

Shreveport Desired Gardens is dedicated to the health and safety to you and your family during all Landscape Installation. Making sure to use the correct safety protocols and procedures at all time. Often landscaping can be a hazard, which is why our expert Landscape Architects only use the correct tools and equipment when providing any Landscaping Services to the community of Shreveport. If you would like more information on how we ensure the safety of you, your family and our employees, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to show you any of the most recent safety procedures and protocols.

Satisfaction Guarantee

With every service that we offer here at Shreveport Desired Garden, we guarantee satisfaction and pride for the years to come. Your garden or backyard should be a place to relax and show off all year round. With low maintenance options and sustainable landscaping designs we are confident you will adore your new garden or backyard. Our Landscape Designers will ensure you understand every step of your new design so you can breathe deep and enjoy looking after your landscape. Let us know if you have any questions about how we can provide ongoing maintenance and advice for your dream garden.

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