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Landscape Ideas

stone path walks in the garden

When you are stuck for ideas while deciding what to use your garden space for, we can show you some unique and modern designs to make your choices easier. Whether you are looking for a low maintenance sustainable garden or you have ideas for Water Features and Fire Pits. The Landscape Designers at Shreveport Desired Gardens can help you see the potential your space can have with the right placements and use of Retaining Walls and Privacy Screens. When you are looking for Eco-friendly and different ideas for your garden or backyard, we can help with amazing and affordable Landscape Ideas.

Turnkey Landscape Consultation

If you want a unique garden with none of the fuss, we offer Turnkey Landscape solutions. Providing pre planned out designs for your available space on your new property. With Turnkey Landscape solutions you pay a set price, while we take on all the other risk of machine hire and permits. Generally, most of these can be covered in all our services, although we do not offer Customizable Water Features and other unique items in a set Turnkey Landscape Design. Ask us today about our Turnkey Landscape Consultation so you can find out more information on Turnkey Landscape Design could be right for your budget and schedule.

Function in Retaining Walls

Shreveport Desired Gardens specialize in leveling soil so it can be functional, there is nothing worse than a dangerous and hazardous slope stopping you from using your backyard. If you have found a lot of space in your garden is prone to dirt run and sinking, we can help fix it up and make your garden more usable and safer. Retaining walls can also be used to edge garden beds and driveways, ask us today how we can use a Retaining wall in your backyard or garden to improve the functionality and look. Retaining walls have been used for decades to improve hazardous slopes, if you would like more information on how they are used, let us know.

Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Heating can be cost effective and sustainable when designed correctly, the Landscape Architects at Shreveport Desired Gardens can effectively install unique and ideal Outdoor Heating so you can enjoy your garden or backyard even during the colder months. It is always best to get your Outdoor Heating installed by a trained profession, to ensure its safety and effectiveness. If you have outdated Outdoor Heating, let out friendly staff know, we can help you with restoration or removal at a competitive price. From Fire Pits to Electric Heating we can help you make the most cost effective and sustainable choice for your lifestyle.

Native Landscaping Ideas

When looking for the right plants to fill you garden or backyard with, we can show what it can look like when you go with Native Landscaping to Louisiana. Using Native Trees, Plants and Flowers in your garden or backyard can be the most eco-friendly for our environment. We are dedicated to sustainably sourcing all our Native Fauna and Flora so you can be confident that you have made the right choice in using our loyal services. Choosing Native Landscaping Ideas should not be hard, and we try to make it as simple as possible for you to know what is available and how it is easily maintained.

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