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Landscape Lighting

outdoor lights in the garden

Whether you want functional Landscape Lighting or something a little bit more creative, we have something for your dream garden or backyard. From Pavement Lighting to Security Lighting we have you covered, for whatever it may. We have a range of lighting designs to suit all lifestyles and garden spaces. Shreveport Desired Gardens offers everything for solar powered to hard wired lighting for all your lighting needs. Landscape Lighting can be used for a range of things, from highlighting your water features at night to lighting your way to the car safely. Our expert designers will help you make the most effective lighting selections.

Lighting Consultation

When consulting with each of our clients we are working out what will suit your needs and lifestyle. During Landscape Lighting Consultation we will ask things about suitable power sources, placing and desired effect. Out expert Landscape Designers will help you find the right lighting solution for your garden or backyard that is within your budget. If you are unsure on how Outdoor Lighting can affect the overall atmosphere of your garden, ask us to show you some awesome examples of functional and creative garden lighting. Being able to use your backyard during the night with your family and friends can really set you apart from the crowd.

Landscape Lighting Uses

Lighting can be used for a range of things within your landscape, from functional uses to help you find your way through your garden or backyard but to also add a little bit of creativity to your outdoor space. Using sustainable techniques and expert skills we will have you garden or backyard the talk of the town, with security at night at atmosphere during evening dinner parties. If you would like to highlight some of your amazing native trees or plants, we can help with solar power up lighting to really showcase some of the best features in your garden or backyard.

Lighting Design

From lighting the to your door to accentuating the gorgeous fauna and flora you have on displace, we can show you some modern and effective Lighting Designs for your landscape. With sustainable and eco-friendly power sources and LED options we are confident you will be proud to showcase a unique and effective solution. Whether it be for creativity or security we can help you gain the desired affect you are looking for with Outdoor Lighting in your garden or backyard. Contact Shreveport Desired Gardens today for a look at some of our impressive Landscape Lighting solutions for your overall design.

Security Lighting

Some Clients are not all that interested in lighting their landscape, but are more looking for Security Lighting. From Spotlights to Motion Sensor Lighting we have an option for you to make you and your family feel more secure. There is nothing worse than not being able to see past your back porch during winter, we can help you have better vision at night with well placed security lighting. Our Landscape Architects are dedicated to providing unmatched  services to the community of Shreveport, whether it be for creativity, security or just a bit of fun, we have an option for you.

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