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Water Features in Shreveport

small pond in the garden

If you are looking for a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Water Feature or Fountain contact the professional Landscape Designers at Shreveport Desired Gardens. With a with range of Water Feature styles and types to choose from, we are confident to have the right option for you and your lifestyle. Having Water Features in your backyard or garden can really create a relaxing and gentle atmosphere, as well as being a place for wildlife to get a drink. Having a well maintained and functional Water Feature can be beautiful, let us know if you have any ideas or questions about Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Water Features.

Water Feature Consultation

We always ensure to achieve your desired results, with asking the right questions during Consultation we can find things out like what budget you are looking at, how much time you can put aside into maintaining your Landscape and Water Features and what sort of Theme you are looking at creating. Here at Shreveport Desired Gardens we dedicate ourselves to ensure your satisfaction with your new garden or backyard. From simple designs to extravagant Outdoor Water Features we are capable of handling it all, with modern Tools, Equipment and state-of-the-art Design and Consultation processes. Ask us about our straightforward Water Feature Consultations today.


Often, we find our clients worrying about the long-term effects and water consumption when designing Outdoor Water Features. Our expert Landscape Designers will show you all the modern techniques in recycling water and maintaining your Water Feature or Fountain, so it remains a healthy part of your garden or backyards ecosystem. Let a professional show you how easy it and low cost it can be to run a functioning and effective Water Feature or Fountain in your backyard or garden. The professional Landscape Architects are dedicated to consistently grow withing the Landscape Industry to always be finding new and update techniques for more sustainable Landscaping.

Environmental effects

Being able to provide sustainable and eco-friendly Water Feature options to the community of Shreveport, Florida is a passion for the dedicated Landscape Designers at Shreveport Desired Gardens. If you have any concerns about the environmental effects your existing water feature or fountain may have, let us know. We can help you with a Consultation and Inspect to ensure the functionality and Safety of your garden or backyards Water Feature or Fountain. Having an old run-down Water Feature can be breaking down into your soil and leaving stagnant water around for bugs to thrive on, let us fix that Water Feature or Fountain up for you.

Client Satisfaction

We are confident that you will be satisfied every step of the way, from the design process to installation, we are sure you will be relaxed and looking forward to your new garden or backyard. Allowing our clients to get more functionality out of their gardens and backyards is our passion, seeing the transformation is unbeatable. Our professional Landscape Designers are here to help you reach your dreams with a functional and useful garden or backyard all year round, just ask us how we can help you find the potential in Water Features and Fountains in your backyard or garden.

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